How To Get Good Breath

If you wish for a fresh and good breath, it is not a difficult task anymore. All that is required is to stay well-informed. It is a misconception among the general public that bad breath arises from the stomach. However, bad breath originates from certain compounds produced by the throat and the mouth. However, some foods, after being consumed, promote the occurrence of some chemicals that are further released by the lungs. However, you cannot stop eating certain foods just because they produce bad breath. Instead, there are numerous ways to avoid these sources leading to bad breath. These include:

  • Avoiding build up of bacteria on the tongue

Bacteria build up is one of the major causes of bad breath. This can, however, be treated easily by following an effective mouth cleaning regime involving the use of effective cleaning tools like tongue cleaners. Bacteria are existing in your mouth and throat work on breaking down some specific proteins. These proteins and amino acids, when broken down, produce some stinking compounds arising from the flipside of throat and mouth.


  • Bad teeth

Bad breath can also be a result of rotting teeth. This cause can, however, be treated through quick dental treatment. This would help you erase the bad breath at once. Treating or removing rotten teeth can help with the problem of bad breath instantly for the source itself has been removed.


  • Smoking

Bad breath is an obvious result of smoking. This problem can, however, not be resolved in no way other than quitting smoking. Nicotine comes out from each part of the body, outside as well as inside. Therefore, kicking the habit of smoking is the only way to kick bad breath.


  • Food

Another significant cause of bad breath is spicy food. Well, it is a misconception among many people that bad breath resulting from intake of tasty food is restricted to a day or so. But, to add to your surprise, spicy food produces bad breath that may last for about two-three days after the meal. So, try avoiding excessive intake of spicy food.


  • Tonsil stones

A large mass of bacteria, as well as tonsil stones, is held by tonsils. A combination of these two is sufficient enough to produce stinking odors that cannot be treated through tongue or teeth cleaning. However, the good news is that these stones can be dissolved easily to obliterate bacteria leading to bad breath.


  • Illness

Although rarely, but internal illness may also lead to bad breath. This is a cause that requires serious consideration. Additionally, a dry tongue can also produce bad breath. If, in any case, all the other methods adopted for fresh breath do not show desirable results, it becomes essential to consult a doctor to check for any internal illness.

In addition to the foregoing considerations to get a good breath, here are some useful tips to help you with your problem. Just go through!


  • Chew parsley

One of the most common plants helpful in treating bad breath is Parsley. This plant works on freshening up the inspiration. However, it may not be taken as a long-term remedy. Chewing parsley thoroughly can help you get fresh breath temporarily. Besides, it also contains a great nutritional value.


  • Eat strawberries

In addition to the various benefits of eating strawberries, they also give whiter teeth. Also, being vitamin-rich, they help in removing tartar from the mouth to provide you a fresh and good breath.


  • Cardamom

Cardamom carries great anti-bacterial qualities to guarantee fresh and good breath.  All you need to do is to chew some seeds of cardamom for as long as 5 minutes and see the results.


  • Yogurt

Yogurt keeps bacteria from getting accumulated in the mouth thus reducing the occurrence of plaque and therefore bad breath.


  • Mints

Eating mint, but without sugar, provides a fresh breath that too with the smell and taste of your choice. Moreover, it can be carried easily in your pocket before you step out of your house in the morning.


  • Water

Drinking water before taking any of the herbs or fruits mentioned above to get the maximum effects of good breath.

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